7.4 Major fields of science

Figure 7.4.1 describes the impact of publications by "Public Research Institutions" in the major scientific fields with the highest publication activity*, during 2006-2010 (“Natural Sciences”, “Engineering and Technology”, “Medical and Health Sciences” and “Agricultural Sciences”). The Figure displays the number of publications and citations and the field normalised citation score for each major field, thus giving information about the overall performance of each Research Institution in each major field. The citation scores were calculated, after normalisation at the level of each publication. Figure 7.4.2 provides a more detailed picture of the Institutions' performance.

In the area of “Natural Sciences”, the ACADEMY OF ATHENS, NAGREF, IGME, BPI, MAICH and RA-CTI accounted for the highest number of publications. The citation score for the ACADEMY OF ATHENS was above the world average (1.13).

Four "Public Research Institutions" were active in the scientific field “Engineering & Technology”: ACADEMY OF ATHENS, CRES, NAGREF and RA-CTI. The publications coming from the ACADEMY OF ATHENS achieved a citation score above the world average (1.11).

In the scientific field “Medical & Health Sciences”, the majority of publications came from the ACADEMY OF ATHENS, with a citation score of 1.09, –slightly above the world average–.

In “Agricultural Sciences”, three "Public Research Institutions" were active, with the publications of MAICH exceeding the world baseline average of citation score (1.16). 


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The field-normalised citation score was calculated only for Public Research Institutions with more than 75 publications for the period 1996-2010.

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