7.2 Citations

Figure 7.2.1 tracks the percentage of cited publications for each "Public Research Institution" for the 1996-2010 period. For the most recent 5-year period 2006-2010, the percentage of cited publications of four "Public Research Institutions" (CRES, ACADEMY OF ATHENS, MAICH and ITSAK) exceeded the world average (Figure 7.2.1). 


Figure 7.2.1



Figure 7.2.2 displays the number of citations received by publications produced per "Public Research Institution". It also presents growth rates during the period 1996-2010. Overall, there was an increase in the number of citations.


Figure 7.2.2



The number of citations for publications of each "Public Research Institution" (during 2006-2010), is also illustrated in Figure 7.2.3. The publications produced by the ACADEMY OF ATHENS received 4,455 citations. NAGREF follows with 2,305 citations, MAICH 478, BPI with 370, RA-CTI with 329, CRES with 181, IGME with 173, ITSAK with 82 and KEPE with 56 citations.


Figure 7.2.3


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