A study Series for Recording and Mapping Research Activity in Greece

The National Documentation Centre of Greece (EKT) has launced a study series based on biliometric analyses which produce established and reliable indicators for research activity in Greece.

The study series ‘Greek Scientific Publications: a Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Scientific Journals’ aims to identify the basic characteristics of Greek scientific output and to explore Greece’s position in the international scientific landscape.

Apart from the print form, the studies are also presented in an online environment with modern tools which facilitate a better understanding and provide a fuller exposition of findings through the use of interactive charts, maps etc.

The present study is the third in the Series and it is based on data from the Scopus Database. The presentation of indicators from the two internationally established databases (Web of Science: for the previous studies of EKT, and Scopus: for the present study), serves EKT's purpose of proving a fuller picture of significant indicators that depict both the current state and the evolution of Greece's scientific production, and also increases the number of Greek publications and scientific fields covered.

The two previous studies in the Series are based on the process of data taken from the Web of Science Databases.

The study entitled ‘Greek Scientific Publications 1993-2008 / a Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Scientific Journals', which was published in 2010, was the first in the Series and therefore the first to give a comprehensive picture, and demonstrate the particularities, of Greek scientific publishing activity and its results on international level, covering a long period (1993-2008).

In 2012, ‘Greek Scientific Publications 1996-2010 / a Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Scientific Journals' was published. This study analyses the production and the impact of Greek publications during the fifteen-year period between 1996 and 2010, focusing also on data from the latter part of the period that highlight recent trends and developments. The study is available in both Greek and English.


The National Documentation Centre follows a distinct methodological approach, applies advanced validation techniques and develops the software required for the procession and analysis of data. At a national and international level, a variety of public bodies, research institutions, universities and policy makers have used these studies as a point of reference for future decisions, actions and policy making.

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) based on its statutory role for the collection, organization and distribution of scientific information is efficiently using large volumes of documented data, expertise of human resources and modern technical infrastructures to undertake activities related with mapping research activity in Greece. Along with other activities, EKT establishes periodical studies, reports on scientific indicators related to scientific publications (bibliometrics), research activity (scientometrics), the use of informational web data and resources (webometrics) and runs the Current Research Information Systems (CRIS). For further information regarding EKT’s activities in the research realm, visit www.epset.gr, a website created to host the  project "National Information System for Research and Technology", and www.ekt.gr/metrics.

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