7.3 Citation impact

Figure 7.3.1 presents the number of publications and citations as well as the field normalised citation score for each "Public Research Institution"* in relation to the world average. Data refers to the latest 5-year period 2006-2010. The field normalised citation score or “citation score” is the relative number of citations to publications of an institution compared to the world average of citations to publications of the same time period and scientific subject field. The normalisation was done at the level of each publication according to the 329 scientific subject fields. In the case that a publication was attributed to more than one scientific field, a mean value of the fields was calculated. The citation score was calculated using software developed by EKT. A value greater than 1, indicated that the impact of publications was higher than the world average.

The values of the field-normalised citation score were above the world average in the case of the small number of publications of CRES (1.27), the ACADEMY OF ATHENS (1.13) and the small number of publications of MAICH (1.03). 


Figure 7.3.1



The field-normalised citation score was calculated only for Public Research Institutions which had more than 75 publications for the period 1996-2010, –more than 5 publications per year–.

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