Coordination– scientific supervision/ principal author:

  • Dr Evi Sachini

The author's team:

  • Dr Nena Malliou
  • Dr Evi Sachini 
  • Dr Nikos Houssos
  • Dr Dimitris Karaiskos

Data processing was enabled by software solutions which EKT developed to meet the requirements of this study. The software makes uses of a set of tools that allowed the calculation of bibliometric indicators as well as the presentation of data in a user friendly format. Dr Nikos Houssos was the supervisor of a team comprised of the following members:

  • Dr Dimitris Karaiskos - software developer
  • Costas Stamatis - data cleaning and control techniques
  • Dr Aristomenis Lampropoulos - data cleaning and control techniques
  • Andreas Kalaitzis - developer of the study's electronic edition

The correlation of the 329 specialised subject fields of the Scopus database with the scientific fields and the sub-categories of the Frascati manual, as well as a significant part of data cleaning, was performed by:

  • Maria Paschou
  • Poly Karagianni

Editing: Dr Alexandros Nafpliotis

Translation: Dr Ioanna Doutsou

Graphic Design: Ms Dimitra Pelekanou.

The following members of EKT's Scientific Board contributed to the publication of the present study by offering scientific guidance and support:

  • Giannis Kalogirou - President of EKT's Scientific Board and Professor at National Technical University of Athens
  • Klea Katsougianni - Vice-President of EKT's Scientific Board and Professor at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Stelios Sartzetakis - Member of EKT's Scientific Board and Researcher at ATHENA - Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies
  • Dimitris Tsakiris - Member of EKT's Scientific Board and Researcher at FORTH - Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
  • Charalambos Chryssomallidis - Member of EKT's Scientific Board.


Suggested citation:

Sachini E., Malliou N., Houssos N., Karaiskos D. (2013), Greek Scientific Publications 1996-2010: A Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Scientific Journals - Scopus, National Documentation Centre of Greece

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