3. Scientific Publications by Institution Categories

This section presents the bibliometric indicators for the main categories of institutions. Greek institutions were classified into categories according to their sectors – e.g. higher education, research, health services – as well as their legal status –e.g. public or private institutions–.

Specifically, institutions were grouped into 8 categories*(see Table below.) The table below shows the number of publications and citations for each institution category for the years 2006-2010.



Number of publications Number of citations


43,960 219,658

Technological Educational Institutes

2,868 8,104

Research Centers supervised by GSRT

6,675 43,813

Other Public Research Institutions

1,862 8,348

Public Health Institutions

7,933 36,601

Private Health Institutions

1,441 11,475

Other Public Institutions

942 3,014

Other Private Institutions

1,291 5,100

Greek Institutions were classified into 8 instead of 11 categories (as in the study’s previous edition). Specifically, the categories “MOD Hospitals”, “Banks”, “Museums” were no longer presented as separate categories (as in the study’s previous edition) and institutions of these categories were included in other categories –in terms of their status-.

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