3.3 Citation impact

Figure 3.3.1 shows, for each institution category, the number of publications and citations for the latest 5-year period (2006-2010) and the relevant “field-normalised citation score”. The field normalised citation score or “citation score” is the relative number of citations to publications of a specific category compared to the world average of citations to publications of the same time period and scientific subject field. The normalisation is done at the level of publication according to the 329 scientific subject fields. In case that a publication was attributed to more than one subject field, a mean value of the fields was calculated. The citation score was calculated using software developed by EKT. A value greater than 1, indicated that the impact of publications was higher than the world average.

"Research Centres supervised by GSRT" and "Private Health Institutions" had citation scores above the world average, –1.20 and 1.18 respectively–. Other institution categories had lower citation indicators.


Figure 3.3.1


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