5.5 Scientific collaboration

Figure 5.5.1 highlights the distribution (%) of publications produced as a result of collaborations at the national* and international level*. It also depicts publications which were not produced in the frame of any scientific collaborations*. Overall, the number of co authorships with national partners was higher than this of publications carried out with international partners. More specifically, all TEIs produced more than 55% of their publications with collaborations at the national level. Τhe TΕΙ of Kalamata had the highest ranking (88.9%). On the other hand, the degree of international collaboration was lower, ranging between 10.6% (TEI of West Macedonia) and 39.7% (TEI of Lamia). Finally, the TEI of Piraeus (32.2%) had the greatest share of publications which were not carried out under any collaboration scheme.


Figure 5.5.1



Figure 5.5.2



Figure 5.5.3



Number of publications with at least one national collaboration


Number of publications with at least one international collaboration


Number of publications with no collaboration, per institution

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