2.1 Publications

According to the database, there were 11,886 Greek publications in international scientific journals registered in Scopus in 2010. Greece’s yield of research publications shows decreasing trends and has slipped from 12,162 publications in 2009 (Figure 2.1.1).


Figure 2.1.1



The number of Greek publications displayed a steady increase from 1996 until 2009, outpacing annual growth rates of the EU and the OECD (Figure 2.1.2). However, this positive trend was reversed in 2010; the rate of change in Greek publications was almost zero that year, falling behind the average rate of change in the publications in the EU and OECD countries.


Figure 2.1.2

Rate of change: 1 + [(number of publications in year “n” – number of publications in year “n-1”)/ number of publications in year “n-1”]. The rate is 1, if the number of publications is the same across the years compared.



Greece’s share of EU and OECD publications followed a period of constant growth between 1996 and 2007, remaining stable afterwards (Figure 2.1.3). In 2010, Greece’s share in EU publications is 2.4% and its share in OECD publications is 0.85%, considerably larger compared to 1996. 


Figure 2.1.3



Due to missing population data corresponding to the four new member states (Estonia, Israel, Slovenia and Chile), there were only 30 OECD countries ranked.


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